In the Hospital Midwive Holding Infant Baby. Woman in Labor Pushes and Gives Birth, Obstetricians Assist Delivery, Husband Holds Supports His Wife.

Already in 2022, the Maternity Hospital Foundation started to implement a support programme for the midwives of Riga Maternity Hospital as a 3-day seminar, incl. master classes.

We want to provide support to midwives in creating professional and respectful contact and communication during the delivery process to facilitate the midwives’ routine a little. Another reason is that most midwives (the average age of midwives in Riga Maternity Hospital is over 50) have not been taught in-depth skills and methods for communicating with patients, communication skills and other topics that are more relevant today, but this knowledge will be very useful and, hopefully, helpful in their work. The programme will give midwives the opportunity to better understand themselves, their feelings, emotions and learn to manage them by improving the existing knowledge about the development of babies and the mother’s role in such, as well as help them see the important effect that the midwife’s work has on the future of the young human and the family.

The support programme is planned for 3 (1+2) days. Lecturers of the seminar are excellent specialists in their field and have extensive experience:

  • Professor Jānis Zaļkalns – doctor gerontologist, lecturer at Riga Stradiņs University in study courses “Communication Psychology and Communication Skills” and “Basics of Family Medicine and Care of Special Patient Groups: Paediatrics, Gerontology, Pregnant Women”
  • Dr Gunta Andžāne – psychotherapist, President of the Latvian Doctors Association of Psychotherapists, Vice-Chairperson of the Ethics Commission of the Latvian Doctors Association, and 
  • Anna Šteina, a lecturer at the University of Latvia – certified drama therapist, certified supervisor, certified actress and theatre and speech pedagogue.
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