The key precondition for optimum health care is a safe and comfortable environment. Studies have been conducted in Scandinavia showing that the physical design of labour rooms affects pregnancy, childbirth and the labour experience. Labour rooms which instil a sense of comfort may avert women’s attention from labour pain, ensure comfort, give control and safety to pregnant women and have a positive effect on the duration of labour and intensity of pain. These findings clearly demonstrate that the design aspects of labour rooms may affect the result of pregnancy and delivery, as well as women’s decisions about future pregnancies and the type of birth.

The Maternity Hospital Foundation wishes to improve the premises where a pregnant woman spends most of the time (several months, even) to protect the pregnancy and minimise the risks to her and her child’s health and life.

Within this project the plan is to repair and improve rooms by:

  • creating a convenient design;
  • using natural materials;
  • arranging the room for pregnant women with comfortable furniture;
  • installing suitable lighting;
  • ensuring the possibility to prepare tea or coffee;
  • improving the hygiene rooms. 
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