Objective of the project: purchase of specialised chairs for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

In September 2022, the Maternity Hospital Foundation donated four specialised chairs to Riga Maternity Hospital, which will facilitate the involvement of parents and the use of the Kangaroo Method in the care of premature babies.

The specialised chairs are a significant element of neonatal intensive care therapy, as they allow one to use the so-called  Kangaroo Method. It is an internationally renowned method used in the care of premature babies that helps to establish “skin-on-skin” contact between the baby and their parent. A naked newborn is placed on the bare chest of their mum or dad, thus creating “skin-on-skin” contact; the baby’s back is covered with a blanket. The baby is held in this position for 20 minutes to 4 hours every day, therefore it is very important that the chairs are comfortable, safe and easy to maintain. It is proven that the baby’s heartrate normalises and breathing improves when lying on a parent’s chest. The Kangaroo Method stimulates the baby’s adaptation in the surroundings and promotes independence. It also gives an opportunity to create an emotional bond between the parents and the baby, because the newborn is still too little to go home.

This project was implemented thanks to public donations to the project “Help the little ones call this world their home” on the platform, as well as the Christmas Charity Fair organised by the Centre of Creative Learning “Annas 2”, during which it was possible to buy specially prepared Christmas gifts for a donation.

We thank everyone for the support and wish for the little ones to be able to quickly adapt in this world!

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